All adult Electra Karts are designed to be durable, quick, and responsive while maintaining affordability for facility owners and maintenance personnel. Designed to be run in 5 minute sessions with a 5 minute recharge time back-to-back throughout the day, the 75 ah sealed dry lead acid batteries are reliable, affordable, and readily available near your location. Longer sessions can be run, but at the expense of the longevity of the batteries. The standard 15 hp electric series wound motor is geared for a top speed of around 35 mph, and it gets there quickly to provide drivers with the rush of adrenaline they need to keep them coming back for more. Batteries can be recharged with a normal quick disconnect plug-in style connection, or with the popular hands free Auto-Charge system. The Auto-Charge system uses the same battery charger as the plug-in system, but instead of a plug at the connection end, you connect the wires to insulated brass pads in the pit / parking lanes so charging is done automatically while customers are being loaded and unloaded.



The RS-R kart is the most popular model Electra Motorsports has to offer. This single seat kart has an adjustable seat that allows for drivers from 4’6″ tall up to about 6’6″. When combined with the Race Control system, you can change the top speeds on the fly. This means you can sell an adult race, then a kids race, then a league race without having to physically change the control setup once you save your preset speeds. A simple push of a button on a transmitter will allow full control of the speeds, and to start and stop a race as needed. The RS-R has 2 seating options; The carpeted karting style seat (shown below), or a plastic bucket style with a replaceable vinyl cover.


The 2XS 2 seat kart utilizes the same outer frame dimensions as the RS-R, and shares many of the same components making having a mix of both models easier for personnel. Designed to hold 1 adult and one youth, or 2 younger drivers together, 2 adults will be a tight squeeze. The 2XS carries the same powerful drive system as the RS-R, and can keep up with it lap after lap. Due to the different seating configuration and offset steering, it does carry a slight weight penalty.