Energy Absorption Barrier System

The Electra Motorsports Energy Absorption System is a high quality, permanent barrier designed for electric or gas powered karts. The system consists of steel posts that get anchored to a concrete floor or wall, and rubber d-rings that are used as a buffer to slow the impact of the karts to minimize the damage to the driver and karts. The impact surface for the karts is a 3/4″ thick, 12″ tall HDPE sheet that provides incredible durability, and just enough flexibility to make almost any bend necessary for a kart track. Heat can be used to bend the sheets into tight turns, like on the inside of a hairpin as small as a 3′ radius. The posts should be anchored to the floor using Hilti anchors, or 1/2″ threaded rods combined with an epoxy construction adhesive.

There are 3 typical ways that the components are utilized to provide adequate impact protection. There are 2 sizes of d-rings available (10″ and 5.5″). The 10″ provides a good amount of distance for the barrier to flex and absorb the impact for tight turns, and areas where accidents are most likely to happen. The 5.5″ provides only a small amount of flex, but is great for long straights, and areas where heavy impacts aren’t as likely. The 5.5″ can also be mounted inside the 10″ as a double or progressive buffer in the biggest trouble spots.