RS-R Kart

The RS-R has become the flagship single seat model for Electra Motorsports. With it’s robust design, this package allows for many different seat, motor, and accessory packages. It can fit almost any custom drive or powertrain combination in the large rear cover, and it has room to fit most standard sized AGM batteries, including Interstate or Optima brands. Available with a removable rollbar and carpeted karting style seat for most states, or with a fixed, welded roll bar for New Jersey and Ohio locations. Both seat styles are sliding and adjustable to fit drivers between 56″ and 80″ tall.

Performance is key with electric karts, and the RS-R is great on track. With a 15 hp electric motor and a +/- adjustable 35 mph top speed (gear limited), the standard series wound electric motor offers plenty of power to pull out of tight turns and provide the thrill that drivers need. The rear axles comes standard with an open differential which keeps the rear tires planted, and eliminates the bouncing and hopping that a solid axle would give. With the 75ah agm batteries, the kart is designed to be run in 5 minute sessions back-to-back all day long. A 5 minute run can be recharged in 5 minutes. Running longer can be done, but recharge times will likely need to be increased to avoid eventually running short on power.

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